5 Marketing things a growing business can do

Here are our five marketing ideas a business can do today to help market themselves with almost no budget:

1) Start a blog – link it to your website or even use it as a website. Give people interesting content and share it through social media channels so that the world can find it!

2) Start an email marketing programme. Join a free software website that allows you to send emails, collect a list of emails to send people information and promote your business in those emails!

3) Send a press release. There are free press-release systems out there and half a sheet of A4 will probably suffice to tell the world all about a new product or service you can offer!

4) Leverage social media by creating a company Facebook page, Twitter feed and LinkedIn profile. Link and promote them collectively so that it builds your brand and status.

5) Make a video. Most phones can record now so create a piece of advice or show someone how to do something that is relevant to your business and put in on YouTube and embed it on your site!

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