Online PR Programme

Our online PR programme of distributing and publishing thought leadership is one of the most powerful marketing tools your firm can realise. Atlantico Digital works with your firm to create articles and collateral that are not only factual and helpful to the reader, but in many cases inspirational and invaluable. We work to distribute your thought leadership in the channels and markets you want to be seen in, with the final result being published in the journals, news channels and magazines your clients read.

- We work with you and your firm to create thought leadership collateral which may be articles, case studies, blogs or research results. We’ll work with material that you have or are writing or can help assist with the copy-writing of this to free your resources up
– We distribute and promote the collateral in the online press and media. You can choose which marketplaces you would like to target and we work with carefully selected media partners to ensure your thought leadership is exposed appropriately but widely
– We offer regular reporting of where your collateral has been published to help you evaluate the success of your overall marketing and business development plan.

The benefits to your firm of being publishing online through thought leadership

- Being seen in the press gives your firm gravitas, a status beyond your competitors and displays your firm as a credible ‘player’ in the marketplace
– Highlights your firms capabilities and technical knowledge
– Allows your firm to be seen as an expert in the marketplace
– Allows your firm to be seen as a leader
– Is less expensive than advertising
– Can be part of an effective joined up marketing plan involving tactical campaigns running alongside it
– Can raise the profile of individuals within your firm (particularly beneficial if one needs their personal brand raised in a technical area they specialise in)
– Can make your firm ‘famous’

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